Estate Planning

Estate Planning is about more than just the value of your estate. It is a process to evaluate potential threats such as a will contest, protective measure from taxes, or distributions to certain heirs. Comprehensive planning serves to find answers to questions of disability, death of a spouse, distribution of your estate, or your wishes if you were at the end stage of your life.

An elder law attorney prepare estate planning documents to coordinate with legal questions of healthcare, housing, or probate matters of a client. Such estate planning documents may also involve trusts to protect assets, for blended family members, or for someone with special needs.

A review of your current affairs may find that your older estate plan is no longer suitable. An estate plan may no longer be suitable because of life events such as a birth or death, falling out of favor with certain individuals, or when the plan was put together at a time when a taxable estate was much lower than today. Or, do you have any documents at all?